Common vacuum forming machine
How long will it take if I want plastic box machine sample?
It depends on our inventory and your requirements. If we have plastic box machine you require in stock, we can send it to you right away. But if the sample you require needs some modification or customization, it takes more time to newly design, produce, and test. No matter it is for the standard sample or custom sample, we welcome your consultation. Tell us what you require, we anticipate how much time we need and then give you an accurate delivery time.

Shantou Mengxing Package Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a large vacuum forming machine supplier. Various in styles, Mengxing's vacuum forming machine can meet the needs of different customers. Mengxingautomatic cutting machine meets the requirements of basic testing. The testing includes fabric construction testing, dimensional stability testing, colorfastness testing, and flammability testing. Adopting a pneumatic double conveying system and embedded bearings, its molds work stably and accurately. This product provides consistent performance and is widely used by a number of famous brands.

Mengxingactively carries out considerate service for customers satisfactions. Get price!
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