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Servo Thermoforming Machine (Mengxing MFC7660)

Servo Thermoforming Machine (Mengxing MFC7660)

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
MFC 7660
HS Code

Servo Thermoforming Machine (Mengxing MFC7660)
The machine is designed for producing various of open-wide plastic containers, such as food trays, plastic trays, cosmetic trays , blister , clamshells , plates and other plastic related items .

II,Suitable Sheet

III,Structure Features
1. Mechanical, pneumatic and electrical combination, all working actions are controlled by PLC. Touch screen makes the operation convenient and easy.
2. Pressure And/Or Vacuum forming.
3. Up and down mold forming method.
4. Servo motor feeding, feeding length can be step-less adjusted. High speed and accurate.
5. Upper & lower heater, three sections heating
6. Heater with intellectual temperature control system, automatic supply the heating individual heater control. Fast heating(3 min from 0-400 degree), it won't be effected by outer voltage.
7. Forming and cutting unit mold open and close controlled by servo motor, products automatically count.
8. Data memorization function can store 120 set of running data.
9. Products can be chose stacked upward or downward.
10. Feeding width can be synchronously or independently adjusted in electrical way.
11. Heater will automatically push-out when the sheet is over.
12. Auto roll sheet loading, reduce the working load.

IV,Technical Parameter
ParameterMFC 7660(mode No.)
Sheet width (mm)500-800
Sheet thickness (mm)0.2-1.5
Max.dia.of sheet roll (mm)800
Forming mold stroke (mm)(Up ) 140,(down) 140
Mold cutting force(ton)45
Max.forming area (mm2)760×600
Min.forming area (mm2)500×460
Forming mold width (mm)500-760
Forming mold length (mm)460-600
Max.forming depth/height (mm)125 / 70
Cutting mold stroke(mm)up mold:80,
down mold:140
Max.cutting area (mm2)760×600
Cutting force(ton)45
Cycle (time/ min)Max.35
Product cooling methodBy water cooling
Air source(outer)Air supply(m3/ min)≥2
Pressure (MPa)0.8
Vacuum pumpBusch R5 0100
Power supply3 phase 4 line 380V50Hz
Heating power (Kw)120
Max.power of whole machine(Kw)150
Dimension (L×W×H) (mm)12540×3200×2530
Weight ( T )≈13

V,Technical Components
PLC Taiwan Delta
Touch Screen Monitor ( 10.4″inch /Color )Taiwan Delta
Feeding servo motor(4.5kw)Taiwan Delta
Forming up/down mold servo motor(4.5kw)Taiwan Delta
Cutting up/down mold servo motor(4.5kw/5.5kw)Taiwan Delta
Heater(222 pcs)Germany Elstein
ContactorGermany Siemens
Thermo RelayGermany Siemens
RelayGermany Weidmuller
Vacuum PumpGermany  Busch
Electronic pressure sensorTaiwan Delta
PneumaticJapan SMC

VI,Sample Pictures
Servo Thermoforming Machine (Mengxing MFC7660)

VII,Detail  Pictures
Servo Thermoforming Machine (Mengxing MFC7660)

Servo Thermoforming Machine (Mengxing MFC7660)

IX,Workshop Pictures
Servo Thermoforming Machine (Mengxing MFC7660)


Servo Thermoforming Machine (Mengxing MFC7660)

Servo Thermoforming Machine (Mengxing MFC7660)
This product will help raise the overall production in the economy. Consequently, employment, national income, and the growth rate of the economy will increase. The product is popular for its data memorization function. We value this product for the speed with which it works, and in the modern world, speed matters the most. - Said one of our customers. The product is popular for its data memorization function.
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