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Cooling Tower

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This vacuum forming machine is widely used for making vacuum formed products like cooling tower fills from PVC,PS and so on.

1.The machine is combined with pneumatic, mechanical and electricity driving, adpot PLC control. It can achieve sheet feeding, heating, forming, side trimming, crosscut into continuous job. All working action can adjust under non-stop production. It's convenient and high capacity, easy for operation. 
2. The working method can crosscut by different pattern of fill.
3. Servo motor feeding, feeding length stepless adjustable, precision and reliable.
4. Cutting unit with servo motor driving, electrical & pneumatic adjustable by different length crosscut (the length must be longer than each forming mold length).
5. Forming area is big and easy for mold installation & replace.
6. Cylinder roll sheet loading, feeding chain manual adjust.
7. Upper, lower mold stroke limited, up mold descend motor adjust.
8. Forming area double adjustable, can save the sheet material.
9. Back acting plate adopt double cylinder method, motor setting position.
10. Two steps of vacuum.
11. Fan blowing, air spray cooling device.
12. Heater adopt individual heating temperature control.
13. Advance sheet feeding, heating parameter can automatic adjust.
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