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Automatic high-speed plastic vacuum forming machine XC46-71/122-BWP

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Automatic high-speed plastic vacuum forming machine XC46-71/122-BWP

plastic forming machine is a device that molds materials by pressing them against a mold. This type of machine uses a high-speed press that can stamp materials several thousand times per minute. A transfer press also forms multiple parts at a time. A roll forming machine continuously presses materials and is used to create hollow products. There are several types of bending and forming machines, and some are better suited for larger items than others.

Thermoforming is a form of plastic fabrication that uses vacuum technology. This process makes plastic sheets strong and lightweight while still being strong. The process involves applying pressure to the polar sides of the plastic sheet. The vacuum removes air from the material between the mold and the plastic, while pressure forms the material by pushing it into a mold with high air pressure. The machine will then hold the mold and ensure that it is heated to the right temperature to prevent the material from breaking.

When a plastic forming machine is in use, the material is subjected to tens of thousands of tons of force. The amount of force required depends on the material, and the minimum amount of force should be applied to prevent the material from breaking. A forming machine must also know the limits of deep drawing and bending. To ensure that the process is safe and effective, the force applied should be as low as possible.

XC46-71/122-BWP Automatic High-speed Vacuum Forming Machine

PP lunch box by XC46-71/122-BWP 

 ̄ ̄ Usage

This machine is mainly adapted to a variety of plastic reel sheet vacuum forming various open thin-walled containers for food, souvenirs, travel goods, textiles, decorations, cosmetics, medical supplies, Western medicine, children's toys, electrical and electronic components, hardware and other goods producing all kinds of packaging products.


Available sheet

1. Starch degradation sheet
2. Optical degradation sheet
3. Green sheet: APET, PETG
4. Various colors sheet: PVC, HIPS, PET, PS, PP, EPS, etc.

Product Sample Pictures


1. mechanical, pneumatic, electrical integration. Each action program controlled by the PLC. Touch-screen operation, simple and convenient.
2. Frequency sheet feeding, stepless adjustment of the length, accurate and stable speed. (Max.Speed:​​1000mm/s)
3. Electric furnace temperature control system is fully computerized intelligent automatic compensation control, partitioning a controlled man-machine interface of a digital input, with high precision fine-tuning, temperature uniformity, fast heating (from 0-400 degrees 3 minutes), stable ( influence from external voltage, temperature fluctuations of not more than 1 degree), low energy consumption (15% saving), hearth advantages of long life.
4.Double electric oven.
5. Electric furnace with a bias structure, when the sheet width of less than 580mm, closed electric furnace side of the row of brick fever can reduce energy consumption by 16%.
6. Early feeding with the heating time automatic memory function, since the first version of the machine can enter the normal working condition.
7. Vacuum in two steps, forming mold adjusted twice, shock release, delay vacuum.
8. Up and down mold stroke can be adjusted in two-directions.The closing method of up mold adopts electric adjustment.Height of up&down mold can be adjusted when closing mold,convenient and fast.
9.Electric adjust the position of the rear upper flashboard.
10. The down mold clamping direction readily into the buffer, to improve the speed of mold clamping, to avoid shock.
11.The guide sleeve of up&down mold plates adopt insert solid lubrication bearing, which makes them move smoothly and accurately, and is helpful to improve the products quality.

 12. With electric furnace automatic removal device, in the middle of production,it doesn’t need to disconnect the sheet.It can stop or start up at any time, which do not waste sheet.
13. Mechanical reel device, reduce labor intensity.
14 Movement guide column, so that products stack neatly.
15. 10.4-inch color touch screen, optimized operating environment.
16. Front &rear upper flashboards are made of aluminum alloy material, anti-rust and improve product quality.




Advantages and Disadvantages of a Plastic Forming Machine
A plastic forming machine is a machine used to form a sheet of plastic into the desired shape. This machine is commonly used for the production of cups, lids, and trays. The following are seven common plastic shaped objects. To get started, choose a type of forming machine that best suits your needs. A thermoforming machine can be a great option for a variety of applications. There are many advantages to thermoforming plastic.

A thermoforming machine can use a vacuum or pressure form. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so consider the pros and cons of each. The table below will help you decide which one you need. A vacuum form is the most basic type of thermoforming. In this process, a sheet of plastic material is pressed against a 3D mold. The plastic material is then cooled while a vacuum is applied between the sheet and mold.

A pressure or vacuum form is a more complex machine. This type of forming uses a high air pressure to push a sheet of plastic into a mold. A pressure forming machine can work with both vacuum and pressure forms. A vacuum form can also be used for the production of different shapes and sizes. Once the mold is set, the sheet can be inserted into the machine. Using a pressure form, the plastic material is pushed into the mold.

A fully automatic plastic thermoforming machine combines mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic components. A micro PLC is used to control the process. The fully automatic model of this type of machine can produce products with emboss, including snack boxes, toothbrush trays, and clamshells. The full automatic type is also very versatile and can be used for making various plastic products. This includes bottles, containers, and food trays.

A pressure forming machine can apply thousands of tons of force. Once the molding process is completed, the material may break. If it breaks, it will break. A vacuum forming machine is the better choice for many types of forming jobs. A vacuum based machine has fewer disadvantages. It is ideal for smaller manufacturing jobs. The pressure forming machine should be able to perform any kind of bending, deep-drawing, or other tasks.

A large plastic forming machine can exert hundreds of tons of force. The strength of the force depends on the material, so the minimum force is needed for a given part. The maximum force required for a particular part must be calculated before a vacuum forming machine can be used. It is important to remember that a vacuum aerates the air in the forming machine, which helps the material to conform to the mold.

Product Details

1 1 1


XC46-71/122-BWP(mode No.)

Available sheet width (mm)


Available sheet thickness (mm)


Max.dia.of sheet roll (mm)


Up mold stroke (mm)


Down mould stroke (mm)


Max. forming area (mm2)

680 × 1200

Max. forming height (mm)


Max. forming depth (mm)


Capacity (Cycle / min)


Product Shaping&Cooling

Air vent qty.

4 pcs

Spray nozzle qty.

8 pcs

Gas Source (outlay)

Air supply(m3/min)

≥ 2



Water consumption

4-5 Cube / Hour

Vacuum pump (Outlay)

Busch R5 0100

Power supply

3-phase 4-wire  380V/220V 50Hz

Heating power(Kw)


Feeding motor power (Kw)


Max.power of whole machine(Kw)


Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm)

8070 × 1656 × 2425

Total weight of whole machine (Kgs)


Programmable logic controller (PLC)

Taiwan Delta

10.4 inches color touch screen

Taiwan Delta

Drive inverter

Taiwan Delta

Feeding motor (3Kw)






Heater with sensor(1pc)


Solid-state regulator


AC contactor

Germany Siemens

Thermal relay

Germany Siemens

Intermediate relay

Germany Weidmuller

Vacuum pump

Busch R5 0100

Pneumatic components

Korea Sanwo&Japan SMC



Air sprayer(8pcs)


Fan (4 × 0.37 kw)


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