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Plastic Pallect Vacuum Forming Machine

Plastic Pallect Vacuum Forming Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.
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Plastic Pallect Vacuum Forming Machine

I,Work principle

Using the thermoplastic sheet is heated and softened in the mold for vacuum molding, become necessary products. Their work is the clip - heating - forming - products.

01. Mechanical, pneumatic, electrical integration. Each action program controlled by the PLC. Touch-screen operation, simple and convenient.
02. Loading easier, less scrap molding material savings.
03. Heater motor, frequency control, high-speed accurate and stable.
04. Electric furnace temperature control system is fully computerized intelligent automatic compensation control, partitioning a controlled man-machine interface of a digital input, with high precision fine-tuning, temperature uniformity, fast heating (just five minutes from 0-400 degrees), stable ( influence from external voltage, temperature fluctuations of not more than 1 degree), low energy consumption (saving about 15%), long life plate stove, electric bricks etc. automatically detected.
05. Suitable convex molding, molding height, stable product quality.
06. The mold seat with electric limit adjustment, adjust quickly and easily.
07. Device is equipped with air-cooling system that allows products to cool faster and better styling.
08. Production counts, or can be set to automatically shut down ahead of the police, with file memory function, can store up to 230 product parameter data
09. The die table using mosaic lubricated bearings, freedom of movement and accurate.
10. Die clip structure movements and synchronized by the rack and pinion structure linkage, the lifting synchronization, extending cylinder life
11. Operating side using safety grating devices to ensure the safety of the operator misuse.
 III,Technical parameters
ParameterXCH130/110/13.5(mode No.)
Max. forming area (mm2) 1300mm*1100mm
Min.forming area (mm2) 1200mm * 1000mm
Sheet specifications (Max.)  1370mm * 1170mm
Thickness of sheet applied  0.8-3mm
Max. molding height  135mm
Capacity  1-3 (times/min)
Gas sourceAir consumption (m3/min)    ≥ 2
Pressure  0.6Mpa(inlet 0.8-1Mpa)
Vacuum pump (Outlay)   Busch R5 0100
Power   three-phase four-wire 380V / 220V 50Hz
General power  64KW
Dimensions ( L × W × H) (mm)   4200 * 2410 * 2900
 Total weight (Kgs)   4000
IV,Technical configuration
Programmable logic controller (PLC)  Taiwan Delta
Touch screen monitor
(10.4 "inch / Color)  
Taiwan Delta
Inverter   Taiwan Delta
Feeding motor  China
Heater   (99pcs)China
Solid state relay AC contactor   Germany Siemens
Thermo relay  Japan Omron
Vacuum pump  Busch R5 0100
pneumatic components  South Korea
Cylinder   China
Fan blower  China

V,Installation Instructions
1. The machine should be installed in a dry, clean shop floor. And leave some aside installation location of the active working distance gas, electricity, refer to the machine diagram of a flat position.
2. After removing the packaging machine, placed on the ground level of the firm can use. Its area, see the appearance of space dimensions Figure II.
3. Were connected to a source of water and gas supply, and connect the ground wire.
4. Check heater heating elements are intact (Ruoyin shipping damage should be replaced).
5. All lubrication points should be added to lubricants. Vacuum pumps, air source FRL oil level should come on to the line. The watershed of the filter device slop put the net.
6. Check the vacuum pump motor, cooling fan rotation is correct (after power test, which if not properly swap two wires can).
7. Supply part of the user's machine to install their own gas purification equipment, in order to ensure increased service life of pneumatic components. Please refer to the pneumatic equipment clean air system flow chart diagram III.
8. External power cable with double insulated copper wire 4, each section is not less than 16mm2.

VI,Sample Picture

Plastic Pallect Vacuum Forming Machine

Plastic Pallect Vacuum Forming Machine

VIII,Workshop Pictures
Plastic Pallect Vacuum Forming Machine


Plastic Pallect Vacuum Forming Machine


Plastic Pallect Vacuum Forming Machine

This product would benefit business owners a lot. It allows the production projects to be finished in a short time, which reduces the waste of time. Adopting a pneumatic double conveying system and embedded bearings, its molds work stably and accurately. With this product, less work is required to be done by human labor, which enhances speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Adopting a pneumatic double conveying system and embedded bearings, its molds work stably and accurately.
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