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Mengxing vacuum forming plastic machine high-speed XC46-71/122A-CWP

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Mengxing vacuum forming plastic machine high-speed XC46-71/122A-CWP

XC46-71/122A-CWP Automatic High-speed Vacuum Forming Machine

XC46-71/122A-CWP vacuum forming machine mass production at customer's factory 

 ̄ ̄ Usage

This machine is mainly adapted to a variety of plastic reel sheet vacuum forming various open thin-walled containers for food, souvenirs, travel goods, textiles, decorations, cosmetics, medical supplies, in medicine, children toys, electrical and electronic components, hardware and other goods producing all kinds of packaging products.


Available sheet

1. Starch degradation sheet
2. Optical degradation sheet
3. Green sheet: APET, PETG
4. Various colors sheet: PVC, HIPS, PET, PS, PP, EPS, etc
5. Flocking sheet

Product Sample Pictures


1. Mechanical, pneumatic and electrical integration. Each action program controlled by the PLC. Touch-screen operation, simple and convenient.

2. Production technology, can be set to automatically shut down or advance warning, with file memory function, can store up to 230 product information and parameters.

3. Frequency sheet feeding, stepless adjustment of length, speed accuracy and stability. (Max。speed ​​1000mm /s)

4. Temperature control system adopts full computer intelligent automatic compensation control, fast heating (from 0-400 degrees takes 3 minutes), stable (without external voltage impact, temperature fluctuations of not more than 1 degree), low energy consumption (saving about 15%) , heat tiles long life and other advantages.

7. Electric furnace with a bias structure, when the sheet width of less than 580mm, closed electric furnace heat tiles while the entire row can reduce energy consumption by 16%.

8. Furnaces partition a man-machine interface control a digital input, high precision fine-tuning, temperature uniformity, etc..

9. Early feeding with the heating time automatic memory function, since the first edition of the machine can enter the normal working condition.

10. Two steps vacuum,forming mold adjusting twice,shock release; delay vacuum.

11. Products spray silicone devices.

12. Two directions adjustable up and down stroke, in which the upper and lower mold clamping direction of the electric adjustment, can adjust the state in the mold, the lower die height position, and convenient.

13. Electric gate position after adjustment.

14. Upper and lower mold clamping direction readily into the buffer, to improve the speed of the mold, to avoid shock.

15. Upper and lower die sets bushing using mosaic solid lubricating bearings, so that the upper and lower mold under smooth and accurate movement on stage, will help improve the quality of products.

16. Sheet feeding caterpillar width can be synchronous or discrete electric adjustment.

17. Automatic electric furnace removed device is disconnected in the middle of the sheet can be produced at any time without stopping and starting, do not waste sheets.

18. Mechanical reel device, reduce labor intensity.

19. Upper and lower stroke two-way adjustable, the direction in which the upper mold clamping electric adjustment (lower clamping state also available).

20. Double action cutting mechanism plywood, electric slicing methods to meet overcast, sub-version of the male die cutting products of any shape.

21. Cutting machine uses a unique inverted structure can greatly optimize work space. Independent convenience products products stacked car transported to the next process. Movement Guide column, so that products stack neatly.

Product Details

1 1 1

mechanical, pneumatic, electrical integration. Each action program controlled by the PLC. Touch-screen operation, simple and convenient.


Technical Parameter


XC46-71/122A-CWP(mode No.)

Available sheet width (mm)


Available sheet thickness (mm)


Max.dia.of sheet roll (mm)


Up mold stroke (mm)


Down mold stroke (mm)


Max. forming area (mm2)

680× 1200

Max. forming height (mm)

200(male mold)

Max. forming depth (mm)

150(female mold)



Products shaping &cooling  

Air vent qty.

4 pcs

Spay nozzle qty.

11 pcs

Gas source

Air supply(m3/min)

≥ 2



Water consumption

4-5 Cube / Hr

Vacuum pump (external)

Busch R5 0100

Power supply

Three-phase four-wire 380V / 220V 50Hz

Heating power(Kw)


Max. power of whole machine (Kw)


Dimensions (L× W× H) (mm)

8070× 1750× 2525

Weight of whole machine(Kgs)


HMI 10.4 inches Color

Taiwan Delta

PLC 168

Taiwan Delta

Inverter 3.7Kw

Taiwan Delta

Encoder 1024

Taiwan Delta


Busch 0100

Cylinders  (Up&down molds adopt rough- rod cylinder)


Pneumatic component (waterproof type)

Japan SMC

Adjustable spray gun


Fans (4sets,0.55Kw)


AC contactor

Germany Siemens

Thermal relay

Germany Siemens



Heating furnance with 120 pcs of far infrared ceramic heaters,up&down heating furnances,zoning one-one control.

Zoning Adjustment via HMI digital input, accurate and stable.

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