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XR20 paper boxes machine technical parameters

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
The use of disposable polystyrene foam ( Plastic) Cutlery brought convenience to people's life, because of the polystyrene foam ( Or plastic) Degradation in quite a long time, they also brought the infinite future trouble to nature and society, has formed 'the white line. Paper boxes natural decomposition time is short, usually for 3 ~ 6 months, in the humid environment can be completely decomposed l ~ 2 months. But as the virtues of tableware paper, local governments, the environmental protection department have been banned the use of disposable polystyrene foam ( Plastic) ) Tableware, requires the use of easily degradable disposable paper tableware. Most paper tableware raw materials adopt single film from the board, the stamping forming machine, compare various molding machinery and equipment import, they all can be completed automatically feed a punch forming a finished product that three working procedure, a high degree of automation, molding speed, high output, high yield. But from the device in terms of price, all kinds of equipment prices are lD0 ~ 2 million yuan between, investment recovery period is long, so don't by investors. Aimed at this situation, people design and manufacture the XR20 type paper boxes machine, talk about machine price is low, it can produce different specifications for different types of paper tableware, paper tableware quality are achieved by imported equipment production product quality requirements. XR20 type paper boxes machine, the main performance index and technical parameters are as follows: the largest production capacity (only min) 20 finished product rate of lattice ( %) Air pressure is 99 or higher, MPa) 0. 6 ~ 0. 9 noise ( dB) 80 or less using the environment voltage (special requirements for temperature and humidity do not do V) Power (~ 220 or 380 W) 1000 weight ( kg) 200 the dimensions (or less 毫米) 800×600×1400( Length x width x height)
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