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About the maintenance of the machine can not help but know

About the maintenance of the machine can not help but know


A machine machine if want to use for a long time, with the rest assured that often maintenance, no matter how good the quality of the machine need to often maintenance, in order to have a longer service life, so the following about the maintenance of the machine maintenance method.

First of all on the circuit: pay attention to the circuit board cleaning, timing cleaning strong and weak electrical box dust, keep the electrical box dry, prevent damp.

It is oil route next: check oil route each place has no leakage phenomenon, deal with in time. Prevent piston rod scratch and oil deterioration.

Finally, the machine: the transmission part of the machine to check whether there is any wear phenomenon, check whether each grease nozzle plug phenomenon, and the injection of butter.

Other considerations: hydraulic oil suggested change once a year and clean up oil sludge tank, water cooler clear in time to prevent the oil temperature rise caused by the accelerated ageing of the oil, safety, of course, no small matter, circuit safety door switch, oil pressure relief valve, mechanical safety stop, the machine warning lights at the time of maintenance must check whether the normal work.

Daily maintenance:

(1) Check the lubrication points in the equipment once a day before the shift, to see whether the lubricating oil (grease) is sufficient, when necessary to add lubricating oil (grease).

(2) Listen to the operation of the equipment there is no abnormal sound, such as the operation of the sound abnormal, when necessary should find the relevant personnel, according to the situation to decide whether to stop maintenance, troubleshooting.

(3) Check the process temperature control and instrument display is normal, such as abnormal phenomenon, should be checked? If the heating device and temperature control system are working normally, please check and repair the relevant personnel when necessary.

(4) After the shift to check the first work switch, the position of the button is correct, limit switch is not loose, whether the safety door is flexible, accurate work, in order to ensure production safety.

(5) The first bus to the hopper before feeding, should first check whether the hopper is clean, clear the hopper and hopper all debris. Notice that the empty screw operation time is not allowed to exceed 3 minutes, except for pre-production test run, usually do not let the screw empty operation.

Regular maintenance:

(1) After the trial production of the new equipment (should be no less than 500h), the lubricating oil of each transmission part should be cleaned completely (including the lubricating oil in the reduction box) and replaced with new lubricating oil (grease).

(2) Once a week should check the amount of oil in the hydraulic tank, the oil level should be above the middle line of the oil ruler, when necessary to add enough hydraulic oil.

(3) Check the quality of hydraulic oil once a month, oil impurities or contain water should be timely treatment.

(4) At least once a week to check the parts of the connection screw, nut, see whether there is a loose phenomenon and tighten in a timely manner.

(5) At least once a month to check whether the electrical circuit loose phenomenon, to clean the electrical control box on the ventilation dust net.

(6) Clean a monthly hydraulic oil filter.

(7) In the annual holiday, to replace hydraulic oil; Clean each motor and hydraulic oil control valve; Bearing parts to remove and clean the rolling bearing, add new grease, serious wear of the rolling bearing to be replaced; Clean thermocouple contact point; Check whether the electric line is firmly connected, replace the aged line and calibrate the instrument.

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