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Advantages of Mengxing vacuum forming machine/ thermoforming machine

Advantages of Mengxing vacuum forming machine/ thermoforming machine


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Advantages of Mengxing vacuum forming machine/ thermoforming machine


1.     All of the electrical appliance, mold information, temperature control mold are controlled by PLC.


2.     Feeding width could be controlled by PLC directly.


3.     In the case of detecting that the heating sheet sags too much, the heating furnace can move out automatically to prevent the sheet from overheating and burning, and improve the safety of production.


4.     The touch screen can storage more than 100 sets mold information with memory function and can memory all the temperature control. When we change the mold, we needn't to set the data again, we can directly call out the data, it is easy to operate.


5.     Heating box has good heating preservation, and save electricity (power), energy and make products heated evenly.


6.     Heating box can be pushed aside and easily to repair.


7.     Forming and cutting unit mold open and close controlled by servo motor, products automatically count.


8.     Servo motor feeding, feeding length can be step-less adjusted. High speed and accurate.


9.     Touch screen makes the operation convenient and easy.


10.  Suitable for PVC, PP, PS, OPS, PET, APET, PETG, CPET Etc. material plastic sheet.


We are vacuum forming machine manufacturer more than 20 years, all the machines designed by our own engineers. Customization pre-sales service and forever after-sales service is our quality promise.


Due to many years of experience, we are in a position to give optimal advice to our customers regarding purchase & installation of a machine, product manufacture, supply of tools & spare parts or any other additional devices.

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