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Mengxing MFC series thermoforming machine

Mengxing MFC series thermoforming machine



Mengxing MFC Series Thermoforming Machine


Mengxing MFC series thermoforming machine is a precision, high-speed continuous thermoforming machine in a compact and powerful package developed for the international thermoforming industry.


It's available in two models, the 2 stations (Form/Trim) and 3 stations  (Form/Trim/Stack), with a mold area scaled for the demands of the global marketplace (720mm x 540mm/ 760mm x 600mm/ 820mm x 600mm/ 900mm x 700mm) and the standard trim capabilities of form/cut-in-place or form/independent trim (sheet thinner than 0.1mm)..


With international demands for thermoformed products expanding in food packaging, medical packaging, retail packaging and many others, Mengxing Thermoforming Machine is designed for worldwide application requirements.


As a professional thermoforming machine factory established in 1998, we welcome you leave your machine requirements here. Thank you!


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