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Maximum production output with minimum waste thermoforming machines

Maximum production output with minimum waste thermoforming machines


Maximum production output with minimum waste thermoforming machines


At MENGXING Thermoforming Equipment, we combine the best of both pressure and vacuum-forming technologies to develop robust thermoforming machines that you can depend on. Maximum production output with minimum waste, our innovative approach reduces waste, while making your packaging production process faster and easier. With a MENGXING Thermoforming machine, you can produce uniform, high quality plastic packages using a variety of roll-fed thermoplastic materials, including:


  • PP

  • OPS

  • PVC

  • HIPS

  • Bio-Degradable Materials      (PLA )

Thermoforming technology you can trust When you invest in one of our thermoforming machines, you receive the benefits of advanced technology backed by research and design excellence. MENGXING thermoforming machine guarantees consistent quality for both pressure and vacuum-forming, thanks to our use of computer-controlled machining techniques and tooling design. And because final assembly of your machine is done by our skilled technicians, you can trust your new thermoforming machine to easily withstand the rigors of high volume production. All of our machinery and tools go through rigorous performance testing and are backed by a full manufacturer's warranty.

MENGXING Thermoforming Equipment is ISO 9001-2015 certified.

As well as being ISO 9001:2015 compliant and approved, our products also meet or exceed emissions, health, safety and environment standards as CE requirements.



If you have a question or need help navigating our extensive selection of thermoforming machines, please send inquiry to We’re here to help.


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