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Mengxing 4 stations thermoforming machine Fruit box making machine

Mengxing 4 stations thermoforming machine Fruit box making machine


Mengxing 4 stations thermoforming machine Fruit box making machine

With Forming + Punching + Cutting + Stacking Function


Why clamshell box exists?

Clamshells easily open and securely close, protecting your product just like the namesake animal protects a pearl. The practical clamshell can enhance produce by keeping food fresh, safe, and visible to the end consumer.


Clamshell box advantage:

1.    Clamshells Protect Produce.

Containing your produce in a clamshell will protect it from outside elements. Produce in a clamshell is less likely to bruise during display and transport than food without packaging. Also, once the product arrives at the consumer’s home, the clamshell provides a convenient stack and store container that will continue to protect produce, thus prolonging shelf life.


2.    Clamshells Keep Produce Fresh.

Prolonged produce shelf life is another pro for clamshell packaging. Plastics plays a vital role in keeping food fresher for longer. When food is less likely to spoil or be damaged, it is consumed and reduces food waste, Resealable packaging and maximizing shelf life through advanced barrier technology are just some of the ways the packaging industry is responding to the food waste crisis.


3.    Clamshells Provide Visibility to Shoppers.

Consumers value transparency. With clear packaging, shoppers can pick up the packaging and peer inside to ensure the produce meets their standards. The clear plastic clamshell allows shoppers to see your product before purchasing. Knowing the state of the produce can lead to increased confidence in the value of the purchase compared to purchasing a product masked in colored packaging.


4.    Clamshells Transport Efficiently.

Nested clamshells allow for optimized pack outs. This space-saving capability with clamshells results in storage and shipping savings.


How to make clamshell box?

Mengxing Thermoforming Machinery Factory specialized in thermoforming area more than 25 years. Our 4 stations thermoforming machine with forming, punching, cutting, stacking function, whole machine designed by servo control, plastic sheet turns to clamshell box with holes 1 by 1 directly.

Don’t need to worry about too many molds problem. We received many customers’ feedback: we customized plastic products for our customers, replace mold takes much time, and hard to set the machine right immediately. Mengxing thermoforming machine has advantage on replacing mold: just need 20 minutes could finish mold replacement.


Do you have interest in making clamshell box? We designed many clamshell box making machine for customers. Welcome to contact us! We will tell more machine information.


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