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Blister forming principle and equipment

Blister forming principle and equipment


Blister forming principle and equipment


As a very mature thermoforming technology, blister technology has been widely used. In the process of use, its advantages are low mold processing cost and short manufacturing time; High production efficiency and high output per unit time; There is no waste gas, waste water and waste discharge, which meets the requirements of environmental protection; It can be made into various special-shaped packaging and transparent packaging to solve the shortage of paper packaging; It is suitable for mechanized and automatic packaging and saves manpower.


First of all, let's introduce the principle of Blister molding technology, also known as vacuum Blister molding process. It is a thermoforming processing method. It is a method of manufacturing open plastic shell products by using thermoplastic sheets. It is a process of cutting the plastic sheets into a certain size, heating and softening them, deforming them with the help of the air pressure difference and mechanical pressure on both sides of the sheets, applying them to the specific mold contour surface, cooling and shaping, and trimming to complete the process of Blister products.


In the process of processing, after the plastic sheet is heated, the air between it and the mold is quickly pumped away, resulting in a vacuum state and a pressure difference. In this way, the plastic sheet is pasted on the forming surface of the mold.


After cooling and shaping the plastic sheet, it is cut and trimmed into a single product.


After understanding the basic principle of blister, what we need to know further is blister equipment and specific process. According to the different pressurization methods of blister forming, the mainstream blister equipment is mainly divided into the following three categories:

(1) vacuum negative pressure suction machine, which mainly makes the plastic sheet stick to the mold through negative pressure vacuum;

(2) The positive pressure plastic suction machine adds atmosphere to the front of the plastic sheet through the air compressor to make the softened plastic sheet stick to the mold;

(3) The positive and negative pressure suction machine is a way to form a strong pressure difference on both sides of the plastic sheet by pressurizing and vacuuming, so as to soften the plastic sheet. These three kinds of equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the machine needs to be selected according to the characteristics of the product.


At the same time, the Blister molding machine is also divided into two categories according to the molding steps:

(1) the one-step molding machine integrates plastic sheet heating, Blister molding and die-cutting processing, with high production efficiency, which is suitable for Blister products with low quality requirements;

(2) The two-step molding machine is to separate the plastic sheet heating, Blister molding process and die-cutting processing. It is suitable for Blister products with high quality requirements.

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