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Vacuum vacuum forming machine principle effect can influence plastic unit

by:Mengxing     2020-12-31
The principle of vacuum vacuum molding machine can be simple to understand for the use of vacuum of PVC film laminating with fiber sheet after sizing, coating surface, concave and convex chamfer, surface edge, a variety of types such as hollow out DiaoKeJian trim, so as to achieve adornment modelling and color bright effect; In addition, the vacuum vacuum forming a molding can be realized, thus can greatly reduce the cost in production; At present, the technology has been widely used in computer desk, audio panels, cabinets, doors and furniture manufacturing. Vacuum vacuum forming glue is the key factor vacuum vacuum forming process, it can affect the vacuum vacuum von berg systeme eventually finished effect. With improvement of environmental protection, the vacuum vacuum forming materials of green, security, also began to focus. Aqueous polyurethane dispersions with non-toxic, tasteless, environmental friendly etc. , can be in alone using vacuum vacuum forming rubber mixing process, and can ensure excellent bonding strength; Besides can be used alone, water-based polyurethane dispersions can use, with of VAE and PA emulsion to achieve good performance at the same time can effectively reduce the cost. Wanhua chemical Adwel ® water-based adhesive series products have excellent performance, application gives our vacuum vacuum forming gel is excellent thermal stability, high bonding strength and excellent surface effect, can be applied to all kinds of PVC sheet material and a variety of vacuum forming vacuum forming. In the future, wanhua will continue adhering to the environmental protection and safety of corporate social responsibility and customer oriented service concept, is committed to provide you with a full range of water-based adhesive solutions and high quality technical services.
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