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Vacuum forming sheet of knowledge

by:Mengxing     2020-12-29
Vacuum forming the common sheet products are: PVC, PET, PP, PS, and on the basis of flocking sheet, gold-plated sheet and anti-static sheet. PVC: the most commonly used vacuum forming material, soft, strong toughness, good plasticity, but make it transparent and a variety of colors, the commonly used transparent PVC packaging electronics, cosmetics, toys, gifts and other products. 宠物( A - PET) : hard, good toughness, high strength, surface brightness, environmental non-toxic, transparent and a variety of color sheet. Defect is PET high frequency thermal bonding are difficult, the price is more expensive than PVC, this material has often been asked customers high-grade and environmentally friendly products to replace PVC PS: density is small, Light) , environmental non-toxic, plasticity is very good, poor ductile brittle, not make it bright material, thus positioning vacuum forming machine can only make tap vacuum forming, because of its easy to crack, this kind of vacuum forming shoulds not be recycled PP: material of special soft, good toughness and environmental protection non-toxic, high temperature resistant, has often been made catering utensils or other high temperature resistant products packaging; But its poor plasticity, processing is difficult, the surface gloss, color will be shallow and processing. 宠物, G: physical properties with A minus PET is similar, but can be high frequency thermal bonding, its price is A - PET is also 80% more expensive vacuum forming light box made of vacuum forming sheet of the features and use: the box vacuum forming is using vacuum forming method for forming the floorboard of the lamp box, the shape of a square, circular profile (and Other geometric shape) And so on. Vacuum forming frame composed of aluminum bending light boxes, aluminum width is 6 cm, 8 cm, to 10 cm, 11. 5 cm, etc. , can be determined according to the light box size or customer to choose suitable width. Dimension large light box available steel reinforcement. Light box feet depending on the installation, T, a perfectly on the cylindrical embrace hoop, etc. Light box piece of yakeli board after heating by vacuum forming machine is out of a raised surface of the panel as a light box, also can press down. It can be widely used in banking financial institutions, road signs, each store appearance, bank outlets, chain, various shopping malls, supermarkets, city street road bar, used as a trademark, indicator, publicity show etc. The characteristics and advantages of vacuum forming light box: 1. Colorful, eye-catching 2 effect. High temperature resistant, resistant to climate change and environmental} 3. Not easy deformation, not easy fade, 8 - generally can protect color 10 years) 4. Good corrosion resistance. 5. It is waterproof, fire prevention, prevent spontaneous combustion sex from abroad in recent years the introduction of a new type of outdoor media, as the avant-garde in advertising promotional products, 3 d stereo sense is strong, rich colors, low cost, has been favored by the customers, its application and development is very fast. This company produces the thick slices of vacuum forming industrial vacuum forming, has been used in many industries in China.
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