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Vacuum forming machinery sales booming, thin-walled multi-color injection molding is still the mainstream

by:Mengxing     2021-01-06
Although the plastics processing industry in the north is more dispersed, and fewer factory enterprise, and recently held in Beijing in the 9th Asia Pacific international exhibition on plastics and rubber industry still attracted over 300 exhibitors, including injection molding machine manufacturers, such as sea, cosmos machinery, bo gen, prosperous xin, full hair, JiWei, etc; In addition, there are vertical injection molding machine, extrusion machine, bottle blowing machine, such as raw materials, accessories and auxiliary equipment exhibitors. At the fair, show several injection molding machine manufacturers are thin-walled vessels of injection molding processing, such as the sea and cosmos machinery; While bo gen shows the double color plastic knife processing; Prosperous xin models on display also includes a double color molding injection molding machine. Vacuum forming machine, after more than a year after the downturn due to the price of oil, again made a sharp growth in sales. Equipment suppliers generally reports, sales for the first half of this year than last year in the first half of the increase of more than 50%, some even are doubled. Although in terms of fully electric injection molding machine, due to technical reasons, the development of the domestic equipment manufacturers slower, but in terms of double color and multi-color injection molding and thin-wall injection molding, machine processing speed and accuracy are increased social. Tian-lai li, vice general manager of the cosmos machinery, according to the company at the fair presentation of the multi-cavity high-speed injection molding machine can be one-time forming four thin, transparent plastic boxes, and cycle within eight seconds, it can produce 39600 boxes 22 hours a day. Li Fuzong also revealed that datong mechanical performance progress especially obvious in export, rose more than 50% than the same period last year. Prosperous xin ( Ningbo) Jun-jieh wang, deputy general manager of the machinery manufacturing co. , LTD also happily told reporters that the company's sales almost doubled during the first half of the year. He took out a very complicated structure, is said to be a one-time injection molding, electrical distribution box of blue and white two-color said, 'this product is the design of a German company patent product, is produced by foreign JinKouJi before, with prosperous xin injection molding machine production, product quality is also guaranteed, so the foreign customers and increase the order. 'Wang Fuzong said, the company of a new generation of HN series injection unit adopts the patent regeneration loop, on a machine at the same time has two operating modes. The aircraft under the 'high speed model', can eliminate oil return loss, save electricity, and rof, suitable for general PP, ABS products. Under the 'high pressure model' can improve the radiation pressure, suitable for high pressure products, such as PC, the force that press a gram, LCP products. The function for the HN series standard, does not need to change any parts, only by change the Settings on the electronic screen itself. Prosperous xin models on display in the show also includes a two-color machine. The machine clamping force of up to 1250 tons, using the latest research and development of the FCS - prosperous xin 2100 type microcomputer controller, and Europe and the United States half closed loop control hydraulic system, improve the overall performance. Activity template according to mould and product requirements, design adopts rotary or rotation. Wheel rotation with mold wall does not contact, to reduce abrasion produced by the fault. Fu wei introduced a new system of the mould, will greatly shorten the time of the mould. Car according to various needs of the mould can design various kinds of moving trolley, single bond automatic move out, semi-automatic moved out. Fu wei is expanding your new factory to increase production capacity, the new factory became a group operating in research and development center, production capacity will also make up to three times. Fu wei of pneumatic fixed die adopts pure pneumatic driven directly, without any moving oil pressure and oil in both the safety of mechanical retention and air compressor driven convenience etc, the biggest can be applied to 1300 tons of plastic injection machine, as long as 5 kg/cm2 pressure can get the clamping force of 25 tons. Shanghai JiWei machinery industrial co. , LTD. , marketing director of Mr Yu Bin also revealed that this year's sales performance has a great growth than last year. The exhibition is on display at the new variable pump BII series injection molding machine. According to its, the new type of variable pump technology than conventional quantitative pump power saving 30% 50%, and more accurate processing. The department offers a variety of screw design, satisfy different customers' needs. Raw materials, qinhuangdao exhibited many dissenting Confucian glass beads co. , LTD. , a variety of hollow and solid glass beads, wrap large glass beads, glass fiber powder a glass stones etc series products. According to the company, the hollow glass beads are widely used in glass fiber reinforced plastic in composite materials, artificial marble, man-made agate and so on, has obvious weight and sound insulation heat preservation effect, make the products have very good crack resistance and processability. In aviation, aerospace, new high-speed trains, luxury yacht, thermal insulation coatings, bowling, etc widely used. Products sell well in Europe, the Middle East, South Korea and other more than 10 countries and regions. Although the show the number of visitors is not ideal, but most customers still reflect that saw many old customers, and there are also some new guests. AP - next year PLAS fair will be held in the surrounding areas of plastic industry is more developed Shanghai, is expected to have more excellent performance.
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