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Vacuum forming machinery industry present situation analysis

by:Mengxing     2021-01-06
Vacuum forming machinery industry present situation analysis

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vacuum forming machinery manufacturing industry in China since the first products in the 1950 s, after nearly half a century, especially since the reform and opening of the high speed development, has now completed the variety is complete, the main technical and economic indicators approaching or reaching the advanced international level, supporting internationalization, specialization of production gradually complete industrial system with relatively larger scale, products meet the demand of domestic market, the basic capacity to earn foreign exchange through exports increase rapidly.
a. Status quo
vacuum forming machinery manufacturing industry in China at present, our country is engaged in the vacuum forming machinery and related products manufacturing enterprises unit has about 600, which can provide about 250 plastic molding equipment.
vacuum forming machinery industry in China has considerable scale, at present, our country has major vacuum forming machinery production capacity of more than 100000 sets, among them, more than 8000 sets of extrusion equipment, more than 30000 sets of injection molding machine, hollow molding equipment 3000 sets, the annual output value of 8 billion - vacuum forming machine 10 billion yuan.
from the plastic products market analysis, combined with the original vacuum forming machinery products production capacity into full play, 2001 - In 2010 in the vacuum forming machinery products the domestic market capacity of the average annual growth rate of 6%. 2000200511 billion yuan to 8 billion yuan, respectively is expected in 2010 of 14. 5 billion yuan. With the improvement of the quality of the products in our country and the increase of the varieties, vacuum forming machinery products in the domestic market share will increase, is expected to 70%, 75% and 80% respectively; Vacuum forming machinery products of industrial gross $5. 6 billion 82 respectively. 500 million yuan and 11. 6 billion yuan. With the increase of China's exports, is expected in 2010, our country vacuum forming machinery products gross industrial output value reached 14 billion yuan, for the 2000 2. 33 times, the average annual growth rate of 9%, of which 2001 - The growth rate in 2005 was 10%, 2006 - Growth rate of 8% in 2010.
from the vacuum forming machinery product quantity analysis, 20002005 5 respectively. 500007. 50000, are expected to reach 100000 units in 2010, including injection molding machine accounts for about 35%, extrusion unit 25%, hollow molding unit accounted for 5%, other molding machine is 35%.
the vacuum forming machine mould though all over the country of origin, but mainly concentrated in the southeast coastal provinces and cities, especially in the pearl river delta and Yangtze river delta area is most concentrated. According to the province, guangdong province and zhejiang province are the most developed. Vacuum forming machinery production in the province's two most developed areas; The ningbo, taizhou is the most developed production in zhejiang province. Main products of plastic injection mould, the main service in automobiles yao's car and electronics industries.
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