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Vacuum forming machine three varieties of outlook

by:Mengxing     2021-01-12
Vacuum forming machine three varieties outlook

- 2007 04 - 24 17:19:33

the world, of the three categories of vacuum forming machinery varieties was followed by injection molding machine, extruder/extrusion production line and blow molding machine, they are more than 80% of the total output value of the vacuum forming machine, which accounts for more than half of the three types of mechanical combined injection molding.

the market demand for a high content of science and technology of injection molding machine will be gradually strengthened. It is all electric, hydraulic precision injection molding machine, its main market is electronic communications, home appliances, automobile, etc. , processing conditions the demand is higher, also improved precision requirements of the injection molding machine; Second, hollow plastic injection machine, combined with a variety of rubber and plastic materials with the use of hollow plastic injection technology, which can effectively improve the stress damage of the plastic parts under vibration condition; Third, with the air auxiliary, auxiliary device of new type water injection molding machine, this kind of technology has a lot of recent market, especially the appearance of the demand is higher, longer service life of the product, such as household appliances, automobiles, building more attractive.
in extruder market, manufactured and price wars have affected the overall image and market competitiveness. Extrusion machine and production line in the future market will be to develop in the direction of technical content increase, the price is lower. Domestic host current basic to conical twin-screw extruder and single screw extruder, technology is mature, the market sales is the largest, but this kind of product has an oversupply of general specifications, can only maintain the market peak of 50% ~ 60%. Host equal vision for the future development is focused on the twin screw extruder, is suitable for large amount of extrusion forming extrusion. Direction parallel double screw extrusion machine to the sixth and seventh generation high speed, with large length to diameter ratio. The development direction of single screw extruder is large diameter, large length to diameter ratio and exhaust flow. Blow molding equipment prices low, low energy consumption, strong adaptability, it made up for the inadequacy of injection molding processing way, forming industrial parts with high integrity, good comprehensive performance and high added value, the cost is low. Therefore, although the blow molding machine in the three machines in the proportion of the lowest, but the future will be maintained a strong momentum of development, is the fastest growing and most development potential of the model.
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