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Vacuum forming machine the radiation energy of the vacuum forming machine to tell you

by:Mengxing     2020-12-31
Vacuum forming machine of radiation energy vacuum molding machine tell you thermoplastic vacuum molding machine of plastic sheet and film vacuum, vacuum forming process is one of the main process sheet heating. The duration of the electric heating and quality depends on the structure of the heater, after radiation surface temperature of the heat transfer of thermal inertia, the distance between the sheet and heater, radiation absorption coefficient and characteristics and thermal physical properties of materials on the surface of the heater. Commonly used radiator heater electric heater, crystal and infrared heater. Film can be transparent solid, liquid or gas thin layer sandwiched by two pieces of glass. The incident light reflected thin film on the surface after the first beam of light, reflection, refraction of light through the film surface and after surface refraction on the second beam of light, the light on the same side of the membrane, separated by the same incident vibration, is a coherent light, belongs to the amplitude of interference. If the light source for extended light source ( Surface light source) , the only specific overlap between the two coherent beam observed interference, so the localized interference. Radiation refers to the vacuum forming machine energy in wave or subatomic particles moving type transmits. The radiation energy radiation from the radiation source in all directions straight line. Can generally be in accordance with the energy of high and low and the ability to ionization material classification for ionizing radiation or non-ionizing radiation. General commonly use the term in the ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation has enough energy to atoms or molecules ionization, not non-ionizing radiation. Radiation refers to the active material can emit ionizing radiation material.
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