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Vacuum forming machine repair and maintenance

by:Mengxing     2020-12-31
1. Maintain clean sanitation, parking and debris around the machine should remove dirt after 2. The slide guide pillar, bearing and chain wheel must be kept in good lubrication condition, often lubrication. 3. Gas circuit of the water filter each class should be water, oil mist device should often come on, to ensure the normal use of electromagnetic valve and cylinder 4. Each class should be examined the vacuum pump oil surface ( The oil shall not be lower than the oil level line) ; Should be put in vacuum pump oil once a month 5. Often observe oil amount of oil mist, timely adjustment of oil amount, new role getting larger, About 3 days 1 bottle of oil) Use after a week can reduce the guarantee each pneumatic components have enough lubrication. The characteristics of the automatic continuous vacuum vacuum molding machine features: 1. Control system: artificial intelligence, the system adopts the Siemens CPU224 host and Siemens EM222 module, man-machine interface are set up to 10. 4 'color touch screen, the operation of the professional image, and common operation mode, can solve the problem of upgrade manipulation. Powerful memory space, set up with automatic operation, manual operation, function setting, fault display, equipment, machinery, animation documentation, security guide interface, the system security and stability. 2. Feeding zone: feeding adopts motor hoist, up to 200 kg, scheduled to send in a rubber roller, wait with two aniseed rod sheet for replacement. 3. Heating electricity hotspot, electric furnace adopt stainless steel, Taiwan, Japan's high-temperature wire, high-frequency porcelain connector, 60 pieces of heating tile on the furnace, the furnace 42 pieces of fever, maximum power 40. DPC digital proportional controller 8 kw, South Korea, a control to adjust temperature, with inductive probe is shown electric furnace temperature, convenient data management. Electric furnace cylinder drive, power outage or maintenance of electric furnace exit closed, safe and convenient. 4. Molding area: the unlimited length of 1220 mm, forming the width of 470 ~ 720 mm, the mold for the aluminum alloy water type, a total of five pieces, independent disassembly, design the vacuum tubes and tube fittings, convenient change the mold, the mold for every 50 mm width specifications, forming the maximum 200 mm high, sheet width 510 ~ 760 mm, the bottom die cylinder? 150 x 350 mm, can adjust electric height, maximum 320 mm mold trip, and equipped with vibration demould, blowing air stripping, stripping delay function for many times. The upper die cylinder? 125 x 450 mm, can adjust electric itinerary, and equipped with two independent of upper die, pressure release on the isolation function, the brake and the brake is designed the push-pull type fast. 5. Caterpillar transmission: caterpillar track plate composed of 718 steel specially imported precision machining, medium plate and lower plate by the domestic high quality 45 # steel precision machining, docking with high precision, low friction coefficient, long service life, pull piece USES frequency conversion control technology, cooperate with the encoder, enter the required length, pull piece of rapid and accurate. 6. Cooling system: equipped with Japanese Meiji A minus 100 sprinkler head, only 10 days ling 3 cold water machine, mold transport water, equipped with two powerful fan, and fan inlet air duct design, avoid sucked into back into the circle of hot air. 7. Receiving area: container designed for portable, hand gear transmission, pneumatic pressure put pills, precision ball screw drive section. 8. The clarks or in vacuum system: Germany busch vacuum pump, power 4 kw, extraction speed per hour - 150 160 m3, vacuum cylinder is 0. 25m3。 9. All functions: quadratic function of vacuum, vacuum delay function, the buffer function of upper die, die on electric regulating function, lower die electric regulating function, anti - blow function, ejection function for many times, class production measurement function, quadratic function of upper die, die on isolation function, delay spray function, delay function of blowing, blowing the isolation function, quadratic function of independent upper die, automatic stop heating furnace exit function, lower brake push-pull regulating function, motor feeding set function, bottom wind delay function thick slices vacuum forming machine
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