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Vacuum forming

by:Mengxing     2021-04-09

Vacuum forming (Vacuum Forming) is often called blister. It is a kind of plastic processing technology. The main principle is to heat and soften the flat plastic hard sheet, then use vacuum to absorb it on the mold surface and cool it to form. It is widely used in plastic packaging. , Lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries.

Vacuum packaging: the general term used to produce plastic products using blister technology and encapsulate the products with corresponding equipment.

Vacuum packaging products include: blister, tray, blister box, synonyms are: vacuum cover, blister, etc.

Vacuum packaging equipment mainly includes: blister forming machine, punch, sealing machine, high frequency machine, folding machine.

Packaging products formed by packaging can be divided into: plug-in card, blister card, double blister, half blister, double-fold blister, tri-fold blister, etc.

Vacuum forming is to reheat and soften a thermoplastic plastic sheet or sheet (thickness less than 6mm), and place it on a mold with many small holes, and take the method of vacuuming to make the sheet tightly sucked on the mold for forming. This method has a fast forming speed. , The operation is easy, but the surface of the product is rough, and the error of size and shape is large.

The main advantages of vacuum packaging are that it saves raw and auxiliary materials, is light in weight, convenient to transport, and has good sealing performance, which meets the requirements of environmentally friendly green packaging; it can package any special-shaped products without additional cushioning materials for packing; the packaged product is transparent and visible, and its appearance Beautiful, easy to sell, and suitable for mechanized and automated packaging, convenient for modern management, saving manpower, and improving efficiency

Vacuum forming is widely used to produce calcium plastic ceiling decoration materials, washing machine and refrigerator housings, motor housings, artwork and daily necessities.

One vacuum forming

The so-called vacuum forming refers to the vacuum state between the mold and the heated thermoformed sheet (board) by means of a vacuum pump, resulting in a pressure difference between the sheet (board) and the sheet (board), so that the sheet is tightly covered on the surface of the mold. Methods. Vacuum forming can be divided into several forms such as single male mold (convex mold), single female mold (concave mold), and no mold.

1. Vacuum forming with single male mold

Single male mold vacuum forming is also called convex mold vacuum forming, covering vacuum forming or vacuum forming. The process is that the plastic sheet is clamped by a clamp frame and heated, and a small hole for vacuuming is opened on the convex model surface. After the sheet is softened, the clamp frame moves down or the punch moves up, so that the sheet is stretched. After the clamping frame is in contact with the convex mold around and sealed, the convex mold is evacuated, and the pressure difference causes the sheet to be covered on the surface of the convex mold to form. After cooling and shaping, blowing and demoulding, and trimming, the parts are obtained.

2 Single female mold vacuum forming

Single female mold vacuum forming is also called concave mold vacuum forming, directly or simply forming. The process is that the sheet is clamped on a concave mold, and a small hole for vacuuming is opened in the cavity of the lower part of the concave mold. The concave mold is both a vacuum chamber and a forming cavity. After the sheet is heated and softened, the concave mold is evacuated. The pressure difference between the atmospheric pressure and the vacuum causes the sheet to be stretched and tightly attached to the concave mold cavity for molding. After cooling and shaping, blowing and demolding, and trimming to obtain the product.

3 Moldless molding

Vacuum forming without molds is called moldless forming, also known as free forming. This molding method is used to blow various cover shapes
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