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To drench the membrane paper to consider what the choose and buy

by:Mengxing     2020-04-25
From the choice of the type of paper, mainly considering the cost, the quality of our products and production procedures, prepared by the characteristics of the product, usage. 1, the product features: the domestic commonly used tape three cheese to South Korea, Japan, east of the United States 3 M, etc. Because different tape glue features are different. This paper determines the choices in our mold to consider the aspects of the situation. 2, cost: domestic and imported from type paper, there is a big difference between the mouth of the general domestic from type paper beer is not very good. Especially embodied in the case of 3 M adhesive tape and nitto tape, frequently, the surface has a fog or mold degree is too low, can't tear the mold and paper products is very good. Just home from type paper is definitely much cheaper than imported. And has a bigger price. If used by considering the company's products are exported, of course the best recommend the use of imported from type paper, in terms of customs will be more smoothly. Because the domestic mold the characteristics of the production equipment and production level of paper. Determine the domestic instability from type paper on some products, the waste is serious consequences will cause the tape. 3, the production process. Here the focus is on whether to stamping or cutting, generally involves the stamping or cutting, will demand from the thickness of the paper, because of the low gram from type paper when used for stamping, difficult thrust, of course, this also and bottom paper fragile degrees, fragile degree of bad bottom paper at the time of stamping or cutting will tear the paper and products. To reach the ideal or desired effect. 4, usage. , this is manifested in some product just need to keep the balance of product in transit, so it will demand the product and not easy to fall when you leave the type paper combines. About from the choice of the type of paper, mainly is suitable for, in the personal understanding. There is no absolute good, also do not have absolute bad, domestic has the advantage of domestic, import also has imported strengths. From such as the choice of the type of paper and a process of the college entrance examination, because to comprehensively consider all the factors. In various factors under the condition of equilibrium to achieve a reasonable and can reduce the effect of the cost. 1) . Chemical, desiccant packaging, camphor ball, washing powder, antistaling agent. 2) . Food: noodles, ice cream, milk powder for packaging packaging, tea packaging, melon seeds bag, bread bag packing, sugar, coffee bag, Hamburg. 3) . Wood products categories: spatula packing, ice scoop, toothpicks, cotton swab. 4) . Paper: bond paper packaging, lightweight coated paper, copy paper, Neutral paper) 。 5) . Lifestyle: wet towel bag, salt packaging, paper cups, paper. 6) . Medicine packaging: medical equipment packaging, medicine packing, pesticides, veterinary medicine packaging. 7) . Other categories: commissioning, air bag, ZhongZiDai paper, bearing packing, stainless steel material, coated silicon can be done after stickers bottom paper, kraft paper tape, women supplies, rustproof packaging, disposable tu rust-proof oil do tourism supplies.
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