Common vacuum forming machine

Three kinds of film crew

by:Mengxing     2020-04-28
The high-speed extrusion laminating film laminating machine affordable models. Equipment widely used in the film; From type paper, paper cups, paper bowl, paper, melon seeds bag paper, cleaning bag paper, label paper, non-woven fabrics, such as gauze, aluminum foil substrate. Film finished strong adhesive fastness, effect is good, thickness uniformity, good sealing performance, standards reach or exceed the international standard. Edit this paragraph double mainframe extrusion film composite absorbing foreign advanced technology, is the present domestic a finished double-side film technical advanced type, the equipment used to need a double-sided plastic coated paper production completed, or multi-layer like milk box, juice box, box, such as composite materials, is the ideal equipment of producing asepsis wrapper. Edit this paragraph film extruding film compound for the film class matrix model, and USES the rolling type and volume. At present it has more and more widely used in packaging, printing, paper and other industries of the materials needed to film. Film finished strong adhesive fastness, effect is good, uniform thickness, high peel strength, etc. A high degree of automation equipment, fast installation, convenient operation.
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