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Three edge-sealing bag making machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-28
Three edge-sealing bag making machine USES: used in the production of various kinds of plastic - The paper - plastic Plastic has composite material, is in a variety of sealing bag, three ideal edge-sealing bag making equipment. Features: 1, the whole machine adopts imported PLC, man-machine interface centralized control. Stable performance, easy operation and maintenance. Operation interface, can switch to each other in English. 2, all the parameters by the man-machine interface, real-time display, bag making speed can be preset, bag length, temperature, count, finished product delivery. 3, LPC automatic correction, double photoelectric tracking feeding, automatic constant tension control of ac frequency conversion constant speed automatic feeding. 4, imported double servo feeding control. 5, upper and lower sealing pressure ac frequency conversion motor drive. The PID adjustment, Flexographic Printing Machine 6, temperature adjustable 0 ~ 300 ℃, non-contact automatic control, human-machine interface set centrally. 7, the temperature is centralized control by computer. 8, pneumatic multifunctional automatic punching, automatic edge material removal of charge, with electrostatic eliminator. 9, works: fixed-length bag, photoelectric tracking, punching bag making 10 ways: can be set up continuous, interval, stop, 11, pressing time can be preset times send way: one to six times. 12, batch send function: workbench have batch send function, batch number can be preset. The main technical parameters, model 300 400 coil diameter ( 毫米) ф 600 Ф 800 coil maximum width ( 毫米) Width (600 800 bag size 毫米) 50 - 50-280 400 bag size length ( 毫米) 50 - 50-280 400 bag capacity ( Section/min) 40 - 40-100 Total power (100 千瓦) 11. 5 to 11. 5 machine weight ( kg) 2300 3000 dimension ( L×W×H) ( 毫米) 7500×1450×1800 7500×1500×1800
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