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The working principle of the automatic packing machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-29
Working principle of the automatic packing machine automatic cartoning machine feed generally divided into three entrances: manual entry, bottle entrance and machine package box of entrance. From machine package box of incoming material to final packaging the whole process of forming can be roughly divided into four stages: the box, open, filling and cover. Box under the action is usually controlled by a sucker a carton from the carton inlet, down to the boxes on the main line, by a guide rail screens will open the carton box fixed with a push plate, at the same time there will be two screens can be move forward rising from below, from the front and rear direction gets stuck on the side of the carton, make a right Angle box open and reach to the loading area. After loading area filling machine's ears will be folded into left and right guide rail, and then to cover action. Close cover before the agency will first bending cartons of the tongue, and then a push plate pushing bending lifted the lid, an interpolation tongue into the box and make QQ tight lock. Build action is a crucial action, complete quality and the structure of the carton and the machine has a lot to do with the accurate degree of adjustment.
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