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The value of system cup machines in production

by:Mengxing     2020-06-09
With the continuous improvement of living standard, people's demands are changing, 'quantity' is investigated before, and now is to pursue the 'quality'. So, people increase to the requirement of health at the same time, also has given rise to some new rise eating utensils. The cup on the table, for example, has entered people's life. So a lot of disposable cups on the market came into being. Indeed, these disposable cups are very convenient, has also been recognized by people, so their popularity, can be found in many places. Therefore, making glass cup machine mechanical system arises at the historic moment, such a mechanical system cup demand is huge. Cup making machine is mainly composed of the fuselage, cup device and sheet transfer mechanism. Cup making machine using four German tilt movement driven CAM group forming surface, improve the production efficiency; Save energy, improve efficiency and the quality of the products; Electrical configuration imported a full set of computer control system ( PLC, servo, man-machine interface module, temperature, etc. ) The internal optical fiber communication, the first-class quality and excellent performance. Such a cup machine mechanical system is indispensable in the industrial production.
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