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The use of the film machine difference and the future development road

by:Mengxing     2020-04-26
Laminating machine is a kind of polypropylene or polyethylene plastic extruder of cast film after heating plasticizing, die casting, plastic extruding machine woven cloth or kraft paper or non-woven fabric on the surface of hot pressing, surface cover high-pressure polyethylene electrostatic layer thickness is only 0. 5 cm, will become coating machine products. Tasteless non-toxic friction resistance, can be used in the infrared, ultraviolet for a long time, laser or all kinds of hardships, acid and alkali and other ecological or physical and chemical environment. Laminating machine for PP, PE, BOPP film, woven cloth, non-woven cloth, paper, aluminum foil, polyester, Bhopal, CPP and other products of the single side, double side, multi-layer co-extrusion laminated composite film and coating, can be widely used in instant noodles, packaging, food packaging, aseptic packaging material, water buffalo shade-tolerance, paper cups, paper, kraft paper and other kinds of packaging industries such as all kinds of products. Its main structure by: into the machine, extruder, die, the host one and composite mechanism of heating and cooling systems, electrical control system, etc. ; Laminating machine also can add the printing equipment according to the different types of products, the surface of the substrate processing device before rolling body and two processing equipment; Slot machine mainly pelleting machine, printing machine and other equipment, processing equipment is cutting machine and other equipment. Laminating machine film side trimming device, collecting device is two important structure of the coating machine, and then the two devices play what role in the whole machine? The coating film machine cutting machine structure is compact, convenient online adjustment, common coating and laminating machine with fixed edge cutting device and cutting edge membrane width on line real time control, cutting to the substrate, even result in trash bags. With the development of modern science and technology, good state machinery trimming device is equipped with a LP system, realize the online adjustable precision cutting edge, greatly reduces the production of raw materials. Used for cutting and online to collect accurate, the stability of the device, is a necessary laminating machine. Break through the traditional mode of production, the distribution of the innovation is a professional production of coating machine manufacturing enterprises need to have the quality. And with the coordinated development of social economic environment laminating machine has important significance, in recent years, China is developing rapidly, but the current good situation for the next set off bombs to worry about the environmental safety, because the highest proportion of production pollution. Therefore, we should choose and harmonious development of environment of operating equipment, can be sustained development. Laminating machine is one of the outstanding machinery enterprises to realize green development. Is one of the film laminating machine mechanical extrusion molding machine, the important role of operating in the main industry in China. Compared with the traditional press layer is simple and convenient operation, high production efficiency and production quality, and the environmental pollution-free production, through the rights conflict caused by an important demand of enterprise development environment. Advantage laminating machines and high efficient, high quality, no pollution in the next few years will be the new pet packaging industry. It also suggests that took to the road to the future development of enterprises, in harmony with the environment is the necessary condition.
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