The use effect of laminating machine and laminating machine 3 points difference

by:Mengxing     2020-04-26
When plastic products, let people's life more convenient, means that no plastic we don't have a good product, but in recent years, the plastic products toxicity is controversial, but if we replace the plastic material, I believe that in the next few years is a very difficult task, in order to improve the plastic products, plastic products quantity is insufficient, scientific use is king. After drying of laminating machine equipment: roller coating adhesive, using special equipment pressure and compound printing with composite material components. That is, the film machine has both automatic and semi-automatic machine. In the structure model of the different types of membrane technology are unique, but their basic structure and working principle is the same, mainly by the adhesive tape, glue coating, drying, composite materials, winding five parts and mechanical transmission, automatic tension control, automatic adjustment and other rolling device attached. Laminating machine to replace the traditional film has the advantages of the five, laminating film replacement is an inevitable trend. 1, the traditional labeling in cheap, only one thousand or two thousand yuan per machine, but the cost is too high. And liquid film laminating machine, every square metre only 0. 3 - 0. 4 yuan. Save costs 10 times. Laminating machine one year price difference will save coating and laminating equipment use for a long time. 2, laminating machine coated low efficiency, slow speed. Laminating machine, film of 300 square meters per hour. 3, good quality. Plastic mulch layer, layer separation. The laminating machine. 4, high hardness, abrasion resistance, oxidation resistance, resistance to yellowing. Take photos. Laminating machine after the effect of the distance from the production to the customer short flow will produce a lot of scratch. Film, and can be long-term preservation does not change color. 5, easy to use. Is a covers an area of small machine laminating machine. Civil 220 v power supply connection, with a built-in small pump, automatic cycle. Put photos here, business CARDS, menus, and some print advertising products. At the exit is a perfect product.
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