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The unique design of breathable membrane production line

by:Mengxing     2020-04-27
About PE breathable membrane production line, in fact it in addition to its superior performance and the comparison of many other unique places, such as its design is very unique. Among its production line, are all used some special bimetallic screw extruder control system, and then through the optimization of flow channel design, so that it can better improve the raw material of the melt flow rate and its some plasticizing effect, it can meet the requirements of some special extrusion resin raw materials; Then we can through the adoption of the international first-class design some manner of its design, deserve to go up and then automatically die head and add the thickness of the high precision automatic detection control system, so that you can more effectively more line tracking and control the thickness of the thin film of vertical and horizontal, so also can ensure a high quality of PE breathable film production lines. In fact this to assure the some subsequent process and stretch film ways is also very important.
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