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The summary from function of multi-function automatic cartoning machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-30
Briefly describes the function of the multi-function automatic cartoning machine: 1, multi-functional automatic cartoning machine adopts PLC control, touch screen operation, frequency converter speed control technology; 2, electric pneumatic components all adopt the imported; 3, with automatic folding instruction; 4, with automatic printing batch number; 5, has the multi-function recognition system, on-line monitoring; 6, has deficiency of eliminating short book a book more than one stop function; 7, with a lack of material, lack of books, lack of box of alarm functions, ensure 100% out of the finished product; 8, the presence of box not spray adhesive function; 9, with functions of material low downtime, with functions of a variety of materials and in the attachment; 10, has automatic stop function of overload protection; 11, adopts modular structure, a variety of specifications swaps, don't need to change, and so on. Multi-function automatic cartoning machine is ointment, such as bottles, medicine plate automatic and manual in automatic folding cartons, and complete the cover box of action, with complete part of the function of automatic cartoning machine with the sealing labels or additional features such as heat shrink wrapped package. The product is suitable for use in medicine for aluminium plate, medicine bottle, cosmetics, poker, electronics and daily necessities packaging, and similar items such as boxes with automatic completion of fold, the carton open instruction manual, items, boxes, printing batch number, sealing box, etc. The machine can be used alone can also with other equipment moving and use, form a complete set of production line.
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