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The structure characteristics of the brake leather box machine is mainly

by:Mengxing     2020-03-22
Brake leather box machine main performance structure characteristics 1, using the automatic open ( Suction) Box, folding specifications, blanking, feed, batch number, seal box, test pointed out such as process, stable operation, low noise. 2, PLC man-machine interface and automatic control system operation, stepless frequency control of motor speed, a high degree of automation, convenient operation and easy to understand. 3, adopt international famous brand electrical components, performance is stable and reliable. 4, using mechanical overload automatic stop function, to ensure human safety. 5, automatically weed out the lack of packaging or lack of specification of packaging products, ensure quality packaging products. 6, with fault display, alarm and finished product counting function, easy maintenance and troubleshooting. 7, can design according to customer's requirement under various automatic feeder and the organizations of the conveying device. 8, optional hot melt adhesive machine USES the hot melt adhesive glue sealing or hot melt adhesive brushing glue device design.
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