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The structure analysis that the cup machine

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
System cup machines, in fact, a kind of production and processing disposable plastic cups, disposable plastic products such as machinery and equipment, does not see more in People's Daily lives, but it produces cup with and tableware are closely related to our daily life. In our daily life, disposable tableware and glass can be seen everywhere, airports, railway stations, restaurants, conference rooms and other public places can be used. Cup machine is mainly composed of three parts, one end of the sheet transfer mechanism is set up inside the cup machine at the exit of the fuselage, the other end is connected with the fuselage. The film material transport mechanism is made up of a chain of the conveyor belt and a chain row seat, it connected to the body through the drive mechanism of sliding mechanism. The sliding mechanism consists of a chain conveyor belt and a slide guide on the fuselage. As a result, the structure of the system cup machines belong to the type of interlock, less any part will not be able to run normally.
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