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The standards of plastic boxes machine production

by:Mengxing     2020-03-30
Basic is now used by snack box using plastic snack box machine to processing and manufacturing, and as the primary use of this kind of plastic food industry can also along with the development of the snack box, food industry got rapid development. Take-away is need the outer packing is known to all, from the plastic bag before packing to snack box packing, can say is comprehensive development in the aspects of health and clean. To introduce here in recent years, the standards of disposable plastic box. Disposable lunch box according to different materials can be divided into: boxes, plastic boxes, paper boxes, starch plant straw boxes, etc. , executed by their respective standards also vary. To us at ordinary times the most common type of disposable plastic lunch box, for example, in early December 1, nine years, the new national mandatory standard plastic disposable tableware general technical requirements of the relevant formal implementation, this is also China's first national standards for disposable plastic tableware, over the past non-biodegradable disposable plastic tableware have been there is no unified standards of the state in accordance with the state of chaos, reduces the trouble of each enterprise must develop a standard. Disposable plastic lunch box production enterprise, therefore, not only to get the QS production license, the quality of the products must also comply with the prescribed standards, can be called qualified disposable plastic lunch boxes. These standards are to be carried out through the boxes machine mould design of processing and manufacturing.
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