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The significance of the analysis of the improved laminating machine temperature control system

by:Mengxing     2020-04-22
To understand the development of laminating machine, working principle and pre-coating film laminating machine hot roller heating ways, introduced a new type of heat roller structure, temperature control system design and software design of the control system, including the design of the main program and interrupt program, temperature control system is of great significance to improve the laminating machine. Laminating process is an important technology of India post-processing, after the printing quality of coated can increase the durability and aesthetic. Laminating technology emerged in the 1960 s, is the earliest use of the coating technology ( The oily coating line) 。 Later, the United States the GBC company invented the pre-coating film technology, because of this technology overcomes the shortcomings of the coating exists, has gradually replaced the coating technology. Is coated on the paper print in material as the carrier, such as the important means of surface finishing effect of the improvement of the quality of laminating machine stability and temperature control precision higher and higher demands are proposed.
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