Common vacuum forming machine

The sheet machine several technical requirements is introduced

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
We know the sheet machine is plastic raw materials, such as PE, PET, PVC or starch based the raw materials for processing, a heated, extrusion, plastic molding machines. After molding, the material of the material will use positive pressure or negative pressure suction plastic molding for plastic products. For sheet machine, forming sheet need to demand, bao hou uniform, it needs to have the following technical requirements: the first is a screw die head pressure must be consistent. The second is the raw material processing, requires three roll have higher synchronization and the response characteristics of high precision. The third is told in the relative to the high speed machine, is the sort of minute 40 meters, must keep feeding frame and three roll at the same pace. The fourth is the time when the winding need automatic forming certain of the diameter of the material, can make use of next working procedure. This is sheet machine technical requirements are introduced. The four technical requirements will determine whether the sheet machine molding, sheet thickness, smooth surface is good, no stripes.
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