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The role of laminating machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-28
Small laminating machine is specially designed for photos and packing and so on effect of special equipment. Paper-plastic composite membrane type, large do film laminating, it is of high pressure polyethylene material ( LDPE) , OPP film and paper cups paper, carton paper, label paper, melon seeds bag paper, clean bag paper and aluminum foil, film, cloth and so on the base material for single-layer film, double clip film laminating equipment. Through the photos, the canvas surface sprinkling with oily liquid film layer width of one meter left right small devices are truly 'shower' film machine, generally used in the field of studio, in daily life with a small machinery. High speed wire rod speed greatly and wide composite material production line is in light industry machinery, according to the packaging and printing and machinery manufacturing industry standards should be called the extrusion flow delay composite unit. Oily film features: waterproof, moistureproof, prevent aging and uv, high yield, and no loss of image, can be repeatedly film. Leaching liquid membrane attached directly on the image surface, after uv irradiation curing, should not fall off. Compared with the water film of the main advantages: oily film after the product more waterproof, prevent bask in, not deformation, and more wear-resisting. PS: transparency increased by more than fifteen percent, drench membrane liquid can be recycled, effect of convenient and no waste, fast speed and low cost. What are the advantages and role of oily film machine? Oily film machine used as a daily life of small mechanical mainly through the canvas or oily liquid is used on the surface of the photo over the width is about 1 m film layer. Oily film machine has the waterproof, moistureproof, prevent aging, uv and other advantages, can be directly attached on the surface of the picture, high yield and can be repeatedly lossless image surface laminating, cured after ultraviolet irradiation is not easy to appear fall off. Oily oily film laminating machine after finished products have waterproof, prevent bask in, not easy to deformation, the characteristics of abrasion resistance loss, improve the quality of the products quality. At present, the oil film machine more commonly used in the industries of studio, photography, is designed for photos and packaging film coating design of special equipment.
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