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The residual adhesive rate of base paper laminating

by:Mengxing     2020-04-28
Film base paper is plastic particles through stretch film machine coating on the surface of the paper, composite materials, the main characteristic is that this composite material can prevent oil, waterproof, Relative) Can, heat sealing. Our company is specialized is engaged in the film base paper production, sales and marketing, we produce the film base paper quality, gain the masses of users praise. Small make up today bring residual adhesion rate of the film base paper information, believe to be of service. Residual adhesive rate, it is to point to from type paper after first off, the second time when stripping force, after calculating the data, the main reflection of silicone oil curing effect. The residual adhesive rate of UV curable silicone oil is commonly 100%, residual heat curing silicone oil gelling rate as high as 90%. A few suppliers if claim from type paper residual adhesive rate was 100%, that is suspicious. In the event of desilication situation, the residual adhesive rate from type paper generally not higher than 70%. Mold technical indicators of test paper is a quite complex engineering. General electronics factory, tape factory can test after only a few items data. As for the silicone coating weight, general won't appear in the mold coating supplier technical report. High heart to bring us the residual adhesive rate of base paper laminating relevant information, for more information about the film base paper also please pay attention to my company's web site. We specialized in film base paper production, sales and marketing, is your best choice.
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