Common vacuum forming machine

The processing method of vacuum blister forming machine

by:Mengxing     2021-03-18

With the rapid development and growth of the blister industry today, the pressure of competition in the vacuum blister-forming machine industry is also slowly increasing. To better obtain considerable profits, the blister machine must maintain a high degree of operation at all times, so this intensity Under work, the blister machine will get tired. How to eliminate the fatigue of the blister machine and let it continue to show good running status?
1. The equipment should be kept clean.
2. Remove the workbench panel on time to remove the smoke and dust from the bottom of the workbench and the vacuum filter screen to make the vacuum pipeline smooth.
3. Regularly maintain the working condition of the quartz tube in the electric heating furnace pan, and timely dismantle and replace the damaged quartz tube.
4. Drain the water in the air filter of the air source triple piece on time, fill the oil mist device with moderate oil, and adjust the amount of oil mist to a reasonable amount.
5. Keep the amount of oil in the vacuum pump moderate. If the amount of fat is too high, the oil will overflow from the exhaust pipe. If the vacuum pump's vacuum pump is too low, the vacuum pump will not meet the requirements, and the vacuum pump will be damaged. Please refer to the vacuum pump manual for the maintenance of the vacuum pump.
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