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The principle of the control system of plastic granulator

by:Mengxing     2020-04-24
Pelleting machine in addition to need the screw and barrel external heating, to the plastic melt after extrusion, but also think screw extrusion plastic when its own heat, because need the temperature of the granulator host should all to think about, should not only think about heater heating on and off, and to think about the screw of the elements to be cooling the heat, be useful cooling equipment. Correct reasonable to conclude that thermocouple measurement component orientation and method of equipment, can reflect the host paragraphs from the appearance, accurate reading of temperature. To reflect the extrusion of the granulator, the need to detect extrusion pelleting machine pressure, homebred crowded granulating machine have no pressure sensor, after the screw extrusion thrust measurement instead of the head pressure measurement, the screw load table can correctly reflect the stress tests. Extrusion pressure, also is one of the important elements of instability in the extrusion quality, extrusion pressure shake with the use of the extrusion temperature, cooling equipment, granulating machine elements closely related to such as the length of continuous work.
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