Common vacuum forming machine

The press forming method of lid machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-17
More and more drinks store appeared in the city, and especially in the summer, cold drink is the mainstream of choice, so makes the summer drinks with very big. And said to the shop, so it would have to use disposable plastic cup body, the plastic products is the most in the summer, when it comes to plastic cups, plastic lid, and then have to say this is a kind of the lid of machining to produce plastic products. In the process of production and corresponding plastic cup with a specification is unified, and said to the unified specification, you will need to use the mould. This lid mould is dynamic mould machine use, also is stainless steel material made by mold, through certain installation, suppressed plastic lid, molding. And this way of forming most plastics processing production equipment is mainly use the way of manufacturing, and extrusion molding machine belong to the mainstream of the two types of plastic products. Such production equipment for now, still popular, and for the development of the city, the processing form of the lid machine is worthy of reference.
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