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The performance of the disposable plastic cup machine in plastic

by:Mengxing     2020-04-22
Plastic packaging excellent sustainability 'sustainability requires doing every decision should consider the future, it is our own relationship with the world around us - — At the same time of creating economic prosperity and social value to protect the earth. 'Asia held in September in taizhou plastic on the BBS, dow chemical plastic can hold Jeff wooster, head of the reliability problem with how to improve sustainability' 'plastic packaging made of pure color, and the detailed example to introduce participants to the sustainability of the plastic is excellent, and how to further improve plastic sustainability. Jeff wooster, points out that with the traditional packaging materials, paper, metal, glass, plastic raw materials consumption and less energy use, greenhouse gas emissions low, less water, soil and air pollution, these elements to support the sustainability of plastic materials. Because of this, using the traditional plastic materials for packaging and other applications to provide a wide range of sustainable solutions. For example, plastic packaging can prolong food shelf life, thereby lowering the frequency of the consumers must go to the grocery store. According to Jeff wooster in the report, if every American family less a month every year go to the grocery store, can save energy. 2. 3. 7 billion gallons of gasoline, a dozen cup machine to reduce vehicle road 500000, can meet the 780000 households with power. Further improve the plastic packing of continuous improvement, to achieve sustainability of the plastic packaging must consider the entire life cycle of the product, consider from production to scrap the whole process of. 'Life cycle assessment can be used to quantify the influence of the various options, including the selection of packaging. 'Jeff? Worcester, reduce the thickness of the plastic film, bag redesign and material substitution is the choice of sustainable performance improvements. Jeff wooster, points out that different aspects of sustainability includes a product performance, and made a cup of machine must include the entire life cycle of the product, rather than just a single element or attribute. To reduce the thickness of the plastic film, packaging redesign and replacement materials are all improved sustainability performance, such as increased performance or value, or the product protection ( For example: extend the shelf life, reduce the waste caused by product expiration or damage and protect medical equipment) , reduce resource consumption, Cases such as: avoid if not packaging waste food production, reduce the thickness of the plastic packaging film and more in packaging materials) And so on. Plastic is a good choice for packaging industry, usually because sheet machine their excellent performance and resources consumption is very low.
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