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The paper gravure printing

by:Mengxing     2020-04-29
Paper gravure printing directory profile printing printing characteristics of the structure principle of printing way way of introduction to printing principle printing characteristics of the structure of an edit this paragraph introduction paper gravure printing device with electrostatic, its characteristic is that the power of the device in electrostatic output control cabinet and covered with electrostatic embossing roller rubber cloth has a static conduction between peripheral devices. Edit this paragraph printing principle by frequency conversion motor, transmission shaft and connection of main drive gear to transfer the power to each printing unit. At the same time, each printing unit have independent ink box device, to the version of the roll surface continuously provide certain viscosity of ink, and pass by scraping device, copies of ink to the surface of substrates. Main transmission through each version of roller gear drive unit made in synchronous operation, complete printing. And then by heating drying box and natural drying oven drying quickly, finally through the winding device out into print, the whole process is controlled by industrial computer and automatic control. Gravure press edit this paragraph printing way using circle pressure circle direct printing, plate directly on the plate cylinder, in ink or ink, inkjet way without distributing organization. Because the ink layer thickness, the use of volatile strong quick dry ink, drying device shall be required. Edit this paragraph printing features rolling device: 1, collect, and volumes are configuration 3 inches and 6 inches gas rose axis. Rolling equipped with automatic 2, tension control: tension control, winding adopts torque motor control. 3, transmission part: the main motor adopts frequency conversion governor, and is equipped with precision gear, its high driving accuracy and low noise, the machine running smoothly. 4, printing unit: a precise adjustment adopts pneumatic clutch institutions printing pressure, printing pressure pneumatic clutch, kun and a protection lock function, pressure arbitrary adjustable. B three-dimensional blade Angle is adjustable, scraping blade with axial reciprocating movement mechanism, to change the orbit of scraping knife on the plate, achieve better printing effect, at the same time make the scraping blade wear uniform and prolong the service life of scraping blade. Version c printing wall for thickening cast iron with high density, the machine is stable and reliable and lay a foundation for machine high speed running. D in the printing department, the embossing roller Angle decreases, and prevent the high-speed printing membrane deformation. 5, ink system: adopt domestic most advanced pneumatic diaphragm pump inking ink box device. Fully plate concave part of the ink absorption, ensure that the image effect is better. The device formed ink circulation system, because the ink is continuously stirred, the ink can make full use of inside the fuel tank, effect is better. 6, drying system, in order to adapt to the characteristics of paper gravure printing and the requirement of the dry ink on paper materials quickly, the machine on each printing unit are equipped with heating drying box, sealed efficient hot air circulation drying system, setting lengthened oven on glazing unit, ensure good gloss drying. : 7, electrostatic control system adopts domestic advanced electrostatic device, the enhancement in the paper to ink with force, to ensure uniform printing. 8, the automatic alignment system: high precision automatic alignment control device, the machine the entire computer automatic tinted, reduces the chance of rejection rate appeared, effective guarantee product quality. 9, printing quality detection: configuration high-definition system of automatic monitoring system of printing image, it will print design for high resolution display on the screen, for operators. Technical parameters of the mechanical shaft driving s automatic seven motor control s pre register function s don't slow down the automatic material s without shaft gas cap plate s vertical alignment automatic control s electric scraper device s pass ink roller mechanism s independently and without core shaft gas cap type rack body s dual touch screen operation s dry heat source: electricity, steam, thermal oil, natural gas and other s image viewer s lateral tracking ( Optional) S both the front and back of the card printing unit ( Optional) S front-rear correction device ( Optional) S highest printing speed: 260 m ~ 300 m/min s optimum printing materials: paper, s wait the aniseed belt width: 600 - S plate 1500 mm diameter: 120 S wait the aniseed (diameter: 280 mm - 600 1500mm [ 1] Edit this section rolling department: printing structure without shaft roll, can adapt to different paper core, quick change, high-speed non-stop refueling, to save time, improve efficiency, zero speed difference in volume, stable tension, low rejection rate. Dry department: secondary return air used to save energy, a single set of automatic constant temperature control, the advantage of all kinds of printing, large wind speed high flow can build low temperature high speed way of drying, the negative pressure in the design, to prevent the outflow of hot air. Cooling section, cooling effect is obvious, reflux with the overflow type, without big pressure, no rotary joint, water cooling roll Angle is big, long contact material, cooling effect is obvious, rolling bearing flexible operation, convenient maintenance. Stand and walk department: whole wallboard secondary to eliminate internal stress, high stability, imported machining center, high precision, positioning hole processing first, guarantee the accuracy of the groups of positioning, the layout of the guide roller is fluent, the coil smooth operation. Printing department: version with no shaft quick replacement, accurate positioning and early on the edition system can quickly enter the alignment of printing, the three parties a scraper can build the best position for blade Angle adjustment. Winding department: no shaft volume, quick change, high-speed non-stop change volume, save time, improve efficiency, zero speed difference in volume, stable tension, low rejection rate, winding tightness of inside and outside is consistent, no food core phenomenon.
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