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The new plant fiber boxes machine is developed

by:Mengxing     2020-06-07
New plant fiber boxes machine research and development of the more successful in nearly a decade of equipment, its quality and efficiency are very reliable, after trial and put on the market, to obtain the very good response. The boxes machine characteristics and other content is as follows: 1, new plant fiber boxes machine adopts auxiliary oil cylinder, improves the process speed, using block indexing mechanism, reduced the main oil cylinder stroke, the auxiliary oil cylinder and throttle valve design, solve the production process requirements of the technical difficulties of open and close mold speed difference than the big new product design, convenient operation, high production efficiency, better realize the straw, nut shell powder, such as fiber hot press molding directly, its technology in the domestic leading level. 2, the product by the national rubber machine quality supervision and inspection center testing, the test indexes conform to the requirements of the relevant standards. And the user long-term use of high frequency, high reliability and reflect good, has good economic and social benefits. 3, now the new plant fiber boxes machine batch production.
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