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The methods of dealing with the plastic vacuum forming machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-15
The methods of dealing with the plastic vacuum forming machine 1, machine tool should be kept clean. 2, time to get off work table panel, cleaning the table base and vacuum filter in the dust, make the vacuum pipe flow. 3, check the quartz tube working condition of electric heating plate, timely replacement of damaged quartz tube. 4, regular air source sanlian pieces from the filter in the water, in a suitable amount of lubricating oil, oil mist device listed and moderate flow rate to the oil mist. 5, keep in the vacuum pump oil level, appropriate oil level is too high, oil will overflow from vent, low vacuum degree of vacuum pump can not meet the requirements and also lead to damage of vacuum pump, vacuum pump maintenance can be found in the vacuum pump operation instruction. 1, vacuum forming film, vacuum negative pressure is not enough: the second is short heating time and heating temperature is not enough. 2, vacuum forming springback, workbench after exit or remove artifacts, vacuum forming membrane retraction, is due to the blister time is short, not completely cured or poor quality of glue, glue should be appropriately extended heating blister time, improve the quality of heating temperature or replace good glue. 3, when the vacuum forming film on the workpiece panel wrinkle, should check the vacuum table the valve outlet filter blockage, due to the filter blockage, vacuum negative pressure is blocked from wrinkling, in addition, when heating plate quartz tube damage easily cause uneven heating vacuum forming membrane, vacuum forming membrane surface tension is inconsistent, can cause wrinkles, should immediately check and replace the damaged quartz tube. 1, please read the instructions, correct use and maintenance of machine tools as required. 2, the machine should be reliable grounding, in case of leakage. 3, the cover shall not open operation. 4, don't turn your head to reach into the machine, should pay attention to the workbench exits cause bumps. 5, when you leave the machine be sure to completely shut off the power supply and stop machine.
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