The main structure of laminating machine

by:Mengxing     2020-04-27
With the expansion of the mechanized production and rapid development, the use of the machine and has brought a lot of convenience to popular life, especially in the use of some industrial equipment is more apparent, because the traditional handmade has can't replace machine production, especially the machine can improve the working hours and save a lot of time, reduce the labor intensity and artificial burden, therefore, the use of machinery and equipment is the demand of The Times, the use of the film machine is not only in the food industry, in some of the other office beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, printing industry and used in the engineering and construction industries are very broad, laminating machine also can call it is stretch film composite extrusion machine, and with the application and development in domestic in recent years, gradually in alternative dry coating compound machine, hot melt adhesive, it is the main structure of the 1, laminating machine mainly consists of feeding device, host of extruder, die, put a roll of the institution and the organizations of the compound composition, heating and cooling systems, electrical control system, etc. Part 2, laminating machine also can be different according to the types of products to add printing equipment, oven, base material surface treatment plant put a second volume 3, grooving machine before the equipment is mainly pelleting machine, printing machine or other equipment, etc. , and process equipment is cutting machine and other equipment to carry out.
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