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The main development of plastic cup mold

by:Mengxing     2020-04-01
As the plastic mould, its use is constantly increasing, and the plastic mould is the main representative, it is to use plastic cups production of mechanical device, the main purpose is to achieve the standardization of production machinery. Most of the time, we used to this kind of products, are standardized, the disposable plastic products are standardized production, because of the standardization for plastic quick production and the development of plastic itself, so the standardization production for plastic is very useful, and this is mainly embodied in the standardization of plastic mold. In recent years, China plastic mold manufacturing level has been improved greatly, the production of large-scale plastic mold of the single set of weight has reached more than 50 t, the accuracy of precision plastic mold has reached to 3 cm, already can produce a multi-cavity mold plastic mold cavity encapsulation molds, 7800 high-speed molding aspect has been able to produce extrusion speed of more than 4 m/min high-speed plastic different profile extrusion die and the main profile double co-extrusion die cavity. With the rapid development of plastic industry and general engineering plastics in such aspects as strength unceasing enhancement, the application range of the plastic products are also constantly expanding, the amount of plastic products is also rising. These shows are all actually as the main plastic mold, its development is very prospect.
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