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The main classification boxes machine coupling

by:Mengxing     2020-06-09
Current boxes machinery is mainly used in the production of disposable plastic takeout containers, and as a city restaurant industry currently USES more things, in fact most of the time we all use it. Now most of the food is used to this kind of snack box for packaging, whether in the form of the bubble or hard plastic box, snack boxes and use are now common. When it comes to this kind of snack box, the box the machine mainly used for processing and manufacturing, and said to the lunch box machine production, the auxiliary device plays an important role, and the internal coupling is one of the, here to introduce the coupling device. Adjustment to the lunch box machine coupling is divided into two categories: the first is a rigid, this kind of coupling in part from the torque is also passed on to another part of the transmission of the possibility of impact; The second is rao, when this kind of coupling torque is the impact. Clutch on behalf of the coupling of individual form, in the work can not remove that can allow the shaft to separate or join. This kind of tooth and friction of the clutch is divided into two kinds. Need to pass some cases not in excess of the prescribed value of torque is coupling with the security, its structure or fixed friction coupling and coupling principle.
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