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The laminating machine electric control system transformation theory

by:Mengxing     2020-04-22
Laminating machine after modification, the stability of the system and follow been improved greatly, and reverse osmosis membrane jitter and scratch problem radically, product quality is greatly improved. Composite reverse osmosis membrane is a new kind of polymer material, laminating machine is the key production equipment. Import laminating machine electric control system has many problems, can guarantee the quality of the product. For the reconstruction of the laminating machine electric control system overall scheme design. With simple programming, convenient maintenance alternative industrial computer, PLC frequency converter to replace imported dc speed regulating device of poor reliability. Only make the equipment run time paragraphs of reverse osmosis membrane tension constant, to guarantee the quality of reverse osmosis membrane. Using touch screen as human-machine interface control system, man-machine interface more intuitive screen make the operation convenient, according to the man-machine interface of tip can quickly find the problems existing in the system. Paper USES the tension feedback with magnetic powder clutch control, have very good tension following role, and tension will not change as the roll diameter size changes. Between traction motor USES the constant tension control, provide a reference speed motor adopts speed closed-loop feedback, coder and PLC high-speed counter was used to measure velocity feedback value, by PLC to realize PID arithmetic. Middle period of the tension by using feedforward control and feedback control of the scheme of combining feedforward part of the controller output is proportional to the reference speed and feedback part provided by the tension of the PID controller
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