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The internal structure of small functions of air bubble film machine is outlined

by:Mengxing     2020-06-06
Air bubble film machine is made of high quality polyethylene resin, used in packing a pressure defense moistureproof and shockproof chemical products. According to the raw material is divided into: high quality new material ( Colour and lustre is white) Reworked material ( Recycling and reprocessing bubble film made, because it contains impurities, color slants dark), 。 Air bubble film machine, including former conveyor belt, eager after fusion device, conveyor belt and power plant, the product of the former including conveyor belt along the bubble film conveying direction, optical axis type conveying rod, times send rubber roller, conveyor belt, conveyor belt near the bubble film gap between up and down to the thickness of the equivalent of bubble film, set several belt of positioning on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt between up and down near the bubble film to the equivalent of the cracks in the bubble film thickness, to ensure the delivery of air bubble film has enough movement space, bubble film will not cause damage; Set the positioning of the belt conveyor belt, assure the conveying direction, there is no deviation in the position of the output of air bubble film; So the simple operation, high yield, production cost will reduce.
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