The intermittent automatic paste box packing machine USES and characteristics

by:Mengxing     2020-04-29
Intermittent automatic paste box packing machine, mainly for plaster stick/surgery/infantile cold paste special chip product automatic counting box packing box packaging. The machine automatically to manual transmission, open carton forming, boxed items, specifications, length direction of the carton sealing glue on both ends of the folding tongue box. The machine used alone also can be used with other equipment connection, form a production line. 。 The man-machine interface, manual and automatic choosing function. Function characteristics: 1, PLC automatic control, frequency control, electrical components adopt international famous brand. 2, manual and automatic conversion functions, is equipped with mechanical overload automatic stop. 3, automatic detection of objects, manual packing, eliminate and wait, and other functions. 4, automatic display machine fault, box packing speed and finished counting. 5, pushing part adopts servo motor, stable performance and high accuracy.
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